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Red Green (60)
What I Think

4 Flametongue Kavu
4 Bird of Paradise
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Yavimaya Barbarian
4 Kavu Titan
3 Thornscape Battlemage
2 Shivan Wurm
4 Raging Kavu
4 Fires of Yavimaya
3 Urza's Rage
2 Ghitu Fire
4 Karplusan Forest
9 Forest
9 Mountain

4 Call of The Herd
4 Blurred Mongoose
2 Obliterate
4 Hull Breach
1 Thornscape Battlemage
Fires! Fires! Fires!

One of the dominating deck when Invasion came into the type 2 scene, Fires of Yavimaya has become one of the staple cards to any red green beatdown deck. But, when the Masques block rotated out of T2, Fires has lost Saproling burst and Blastoderm, two cards that proved to be the most important cards. Able to attack in turn 3, Blastoderm is a good choice and with Shivan Wurm gating ability, Blastoderm is cool. And having 7 1/1 tokens to attack, Saproling Burst is simply amazing.

But not anymore. Many said that Fires are not as powerful as before nowadays, having to be replaced by Orbosition and Finkelmage. As old archtype dies hard, people are looking for replacement for the old cards. I am one of them.

Looking at the deck list beside, well, one can easily says: not much different. But it sure takes a hard blow, losing Saproling Burst. There is no way to find a card as good as it, and some may suggest playing Saproling Symbiosis, which is not quite a good choice. That's why I choose to make it into a big beefy creatures deck. I replace Saproling Burst with 4 Raging Kavu, a good choice for 3 mana slot, able to be cast on turn 2. Then I replace Blastoderm with the always-flexible Kavu Titan. Kavu Titan may not be as fast as Blastoderm, but its ability to be a 2/2 creature or a big 5/5 trampler makes it the best replacement.

Shivan Wurm is a normal choice as its combo with Flametongue Kavu is the ultimate one. 4 Flametongue Kavu is a heaven, and its casting cost of needing only 1 red mana and 3 generic mana, makes it flexible in multi-colour deck. Thornscape Battlemage is a card I like personally, and I put it in as a staple card to counter weenie, or as a game finisher as well. Against blue mage, Yavimaya Barbarian is everything of a nightmare, and 4 of them is normal I guess in today's meta-game that is based on blue. And no Fires deck can operates without burn spells and I choose to put in 3 Urza's Rage and 2 Ghitu Fire.

Theoritically, against sligh deck, Fires has no problem trampling over it but it may face a tough luck against the new Landy-deck. Fires is quite vulnerable when its loses the mana. That's why I put in 4 Call of The Herd, a card fast enough to kill a Landy deck. When you sideboard in the herds, you may want to take out Fires of Yavimaya, because you may face dilemma in whether to cast a 2nd turn Fires or Call of The Herd. Against Orbosition, Fires players have to depend on its sideboard and a good draw of Yavimaya Barbarian. I particularly, would like to put in 4 Blurred Mongoose and 2 Obliterate.

Fires is a good dominating deck and is able to face any deck given a good choice of sideboard and the metagame.

© Rymond Wong 2001