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20-11-01 >> Added a new column: Deck To Share.
14-11-01 >> Added 2 pages of new deck galleries: Great Deck and Latest Deck

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09-04-02 >> New deck: Latest deck: Hop! Hop! Hopper!
09-04-02 >> New article: Balanced metagame
15-03-02 >> New story: The Quest: Chapter Two
07-03-02 >> New article : Mono Green Stompy In Type 2
07-03-02 >> New article: My Top Ten Cards of All Time
06-03-02 >> New article: My Top Ten Cards In Torment
05-03-02 >> New article: Squirrel Opposition in Torment
26-02-02 >> New article: Red Sligh from Torment?
16-12-01 >> New story : The Quest: Chapter One
21-11-01 >> New article: All About Green
20-11-01 >> New article: Red Green Fires: A New Beatdown?
17-11-01 >> New article: White Green Beatdown: The Return?

16-12-01 >> Sorry for no update on the website! Been busy all time around and well, now that it is CHRISTMAS!! Merry Christmas to all of you! And please follow my first try on writing fantasy fiction, The Quest.

19-11-01 >> Thanx to those who visited this website. Anyone who wants to write an article of their ideas ro decks or strategy or anything to do with Magic The Gathering (for Deck To Share and Article Column), do feel free to send it to me at: rywo_mtg@yahoo.com !

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Me In Magic

Play Since: July 1997

Started in: Weatherlight

Favorite color: Green

Favorite card : None

Favorite artist: RKF

Favorite deck :     ProsBloom

Favorite art: Kamahl

Favorite hero: Gerrard

Favorite villain: Greven

# of decks built: > 20

Rogue decks built: > 12

Personality: Collector,     easy-going

# of getting ripped: Once